Sunday, August 24, 2014

Neocons Set Bait for the Right-Thinking

It’s mind-boggling how in 2014, these people are not only still around, but suckering people into their agenda with the coarsest of bait.   It’s well known that neocons have had it in for Russia since they emerged in the 1970s.
The bait was LGBT, the one cause celebre  that would neutralize prog/NYT opposition to our Project for a New American Century, the one thing that could get them to do a TwoMinutesHate on Vladimir Putin.  Thus, the Olympics turned into a ceaseless finger wag against Russia.   Dissidents of all sorts were interviewed, lionized, and name checked, since Russia had obviously regressed to a gulag beyond Saddam’s torture chambers.
It was no less manufactured than the color-code revolutions of a few years ago.   Pussy Riot, like their cheerleader/promoter Masha Gessen  , have been on the State Department payroll for some time.  

Just wondering, would it be OK if Pussy Riot were to burst into a synagogue or mosque and do the same thing?  No, it wouldn’t because we’re out of the gates of prog social dichotomies.  Russians are “white” or “Western” or semi-western, thus all institutions and mores are up for deconstruction.   Prog cultural anthropology can be confusing at times, but neo-cons understand it quite well and scaffold their ideology accordingly.  What is striking is how progressives and neo-cons are in such agreement on which societies are up for deconstruction, and which aren’t.  I don't foresee this kind of choreographed culture critique being done in Burkina Faso, Malaysia, or Oman- all countries with much worse of treatment of gays- any time soon.  Thus, the sort of gatekeeping of who gets critiqued and who doesn't makes it OK for truly anti woman, antigay societies like Saudi Arabia to be left unmolested by policymakers.  Then there’s the fact that if Pussy Riot tried acting up over in Yemen, they would be dead before the authorities could get there to arrest them.  

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